Brennan & Co


We are family owned, friend operated. At Brennan we take pride in our work, and empower our employees. The Brennan family started this business with work/life balance as a top priority not only for our employees, but our family as well. It's why we offer the same hours as most day cares and other jobs; we want to be home with our friends and family; we don't want to worry about picking up our kids on time. We get it. Yes, we go out and clean dirty and dusty things, sometimes the drives between customers' homes may be a little longer than we'd want, but every day our employees walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our employees are paid for their hard work, every week. Most importantly, every single person that is apart of Brennan is appreciated, customers to employees. Apply online today at: http://brennanclean.com/careers/


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