Best Books To Read in 2017 For Business

When speaking to job seekers, so much of my advice has come from business experience.  I tend to have the biggest impact when understanding the big picture and the “why” …

6 Key Steps to Finding and Getting a Job

Are you starting the job hunt? Or maybe you’ve been looking but haven’t had much success? Well we’ve compiled a group of articles that contain the most important information you …

Cover Letter Examples

Previously, we looked at Tips to Writing an Effective Cover Letter.  Here are a few examples of cover letters you can refer to and get ideas from:   Christina Wellington …

Tips To Writing An Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter is your first opportunity to introduce yourself, make a good impression, and make yourself stand out to an employer.  This first impression can make or break your …

How to Land Your Very First Job

  Hunting for your very first job might seem a little daunting, but there are several ways you can up your chances of getting hired without previous work experience: Start …

How to Write a Great Resume, Part 2

Another great way to make a good first impression in your resume or cover letter is to address the hiring manager directly. While it is considered proper business letter format …

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