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Our office has a laid-back kind of style. You can to work in jeans and a t-shirt or a suit and tie, it all depends on you. A typical day hear starts around 9 am and ends when you want to. You make your own schedule here but just remember that the more you are here the more you able to earn. Every team member is here to help you succeeded (truly we fail when you do, and we succeed when you do). I can tell you that everyone here is easy to get along with and helpful. We are committed to helping every person that we can to find an insurance policy that better fits their needs and to be there for them.

We are committed to help you out every other Tuesday we have training meetings to help everyone succeed. These meeting last for around two hours and consists of going over the products and how to help you with calling people to get that sale. I can honestly say that I have never had so much help to help me succeed in my own life as I do here. When an agent does make a sale, they get to ring the bell, and everyone comes out to cheer them on while they get to throw a dart to our board full of scratcher tickets (yes if you win anything you get to keep it). Every Friday we do have another meeting that can last of a while. We go over any news in the company recognize any new agents or any agents that have achieved a mild stone. We also award the King OF The Hill. This agent is the one who sold the most policies. After all of this we have a trivia game where you can earn scratcher tickets along with A leads and points to play Black Jack. Don’t worry about bringing your lunch that day we bring the pizza.



Randy Weisman, Satellite Division Leader

I am a people person. I love helping anyone in need. I represent 2 assisted living homes ensuring the elderly and disabled are properly treated and taken care of. With 4 children of my own, everyday is special. Saving people money while providing the best health care solutions around is my specialty.


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