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You don't have to move across the country to show what you're made of. In fact, if you join the Army National Guard, you don't have to move at all.

There are great things in your future. A new career is around the corner. A college degree is within your grasp. Adventure is required. And service comes standard, because the Army National Guard starts paying you on day one, even for training. In the Guard, you get paid to learn your new job skills. Plus, your first few promotions are automatic. As your experience grows, so will your paycheck.

With over 130 different jobs, you're sure to find a career that fits. From high-tech jobs like computer engineering to practical trade skills like construction, or even jobs where you get to blow stuff up, we have a place just for you.

But it doesn't stop there. Soldiers have access to the G.I. Bill or state-level tuition assistance to pay for college, VA home loans to buy a house, and even insurance to keep your family safe. Join the Guard and receive a world of benefits waiting for you.


Chandler AZ

Salary Posted Location
- DOE 2019-10-15 Chandler AZ 85225


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