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Companies in Denver, Colorado are hiring for hundreds of positions throughout the city!
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Denver Job Fairs

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Job Fair Common Questions

How many resumes should I bring?

We always recommend bringing 10-15 clean and unfolded/wrinkled resumes. For more resume help and tips, click here.

What should I wear to a job fair?

Most job fairs are professional settings that encourage you to wear professional attire. Do not wear shorts, flip flops or t-shirts. Employers aren't focused just on what you're wearing as much as they are looking to see how committed you are to doing your best.

How Long is a job fair?

The LocalWork job fairs typically last for three hours. We see job seekers with the most success when they arrive early and are one of the first candidates an employer talks with.

When is the Next Denver Job Fair?

LocalWork does job fairs in Denver every month. But we also list other job fairs in the valley. Check out the full list above for upcoming job fairs.

Helpful Tips For Your Next Job Fair

Watch – 3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Interview Experience

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6 Key Steps to Finding and Getting a Job

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What To Wear To A Job

Different organizations vary greatly in their employee dress codes. Some require a suit for men, others require panty hose for women, and some are ok with a t-shirt and flip-flops. …
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Denver Job Fair Photos

What you could expect at an upcoming job fair in Denver

Denver Job Fair Resources

Questions Recruiters Ask at Denver Job Fairs

If you’ve never attended a job fair, you might be wondering what to expect in terms of conversation with a recruiter. The truth is, it depends on the job and the recruiter. But, there are some standard questions they may ask, and it’s great to go in prepared to answer these questions. Your Background- Recruiters will often start with introducing themselves and asking you what your name is. This is a lead-in to your background. They might say “Do you currently have a jo...

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Top Five Reasons to Attend a Denver Job Fair

Unemployment is down, way down. It’s a job seeker’s market, and that’s a good thing for anyone who is looking for a new job. Whether you are employed or unemployed, keeping an eye open for that next great opportunity is always a great way to keep your career on wheels. At a recent job fair, a job seeker mused about how the process of looking for a job had changed over the years. What used to be knocking on doors, making calls, and making personal connections has morphed...

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How to Make a Great Impression at a Denver Job Fair

We often have job seekers come up to our registration table and timidly say, “I’ve never been to a job fair, what do I do?” We love our new attendees, because they are often just starting out on their job searching journey. It’s a great time to hand out advice and help them feel more comfortable with the process. But, the truth is, a lot of your preparation for making a good first impression happens before the job fair, before you leave the house. Here are some tips ...

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How to Prepare for a Denver Job Fair

So, you’ve decided to attend a LocalWork Denver Job Fair. You might have been to other job fairs before, or you might be a job fair newbie and you have no idea what to expect. Getting prepped for the event might be top of mind for you. Here are some tips to preparing to attend a job event. Know what you will wear. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, you don’t have to wear heels and pearls, but you should dress to impress at a job fair. Consider what you would pu...

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