Top Six Traits of Successful People

05 Jan 2018 by

We all want success, but how do we achieve it? Wouldn’t it be great if we could snap our fingers and success would be given to us in an instant? Unfortunately this isn’t the case, but what we do know is that successful people all have a few traits in common that we can easily apply to our day-to-day lives, further pushing us towards our own personal goals and visions of success. Traits of successful people range, but listed below are a few key characteristics we think are crucial in forging success.

Work Ethic — Be the Worker You Would Want Working For You

In order to be successful you absolutely have to have an extraordinary work ethic. No one is going to get you where you want to go except yourself, therefore you have to put in the work to make it happen. This means you have to be driven, determined, competitive, professional, and passionate about what you are doing. These five characteristics all fall under the work ethic umbrella and obtaining each of these characteristics will undoubtedly set you up for success.

Realistic Goal Setting

Successful people all have one thing in common, they set achievable goals and do everything in their power to make them happen. It is extremely important to not only set goals for yourself, but also to set realistic ones. Realistic goal setting allows you to start small and create steps for yourself along the way. By starting with small, achievable goals you are giving yourself the opportunity to check your own follow through as well as setting yourself up for success rather than failure. Dream big and hold yourself to high standards while also making yourself accountable for each goal you have set.

Integrity and Patience

Success never comes overnight so it is important to be patient and have integrity throughout the entire process of whatever you are trying to achieve. Patience is a virtue, cheesy but oh so true. To have patience means many things but most importantly it means you can be calm during a crisis and you never lose sight of the end goal, even if things are not going exactly as planned. Having integrity is one of the most crucial traits of successful people because it means you are honest and have a sense of morality. As you climb your way to the top you want to do it with integrity because this will make people more apt to want to work with you and help you succeed.

Look at Failure as an Opportunity

No one is ever 100% successful in all of their efforts, but what separates successful people apart from others is that they take their failures as an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience. Failure can be looked at as an experiment, learning opportunity, or a lesson learned. If we all change our mindset and learn to celebrate failure rather than denounce it we can take the failed experience and acknowledge what to do differently next time. Knowing that failure is just another opportunity is one of the most crucial traits of successful people.     

Know When to Take a Risk and When to Back Out

Successful people are undeniably risk takers; the saying, “Risk it to get the biscuit,” is more true than ever when it comes to success. Successful people are willing to risk what they have built in order to make it grow abundantly. The scary thing about risking what you have built is that it also opens you up to failure, but remember how we feel about failure, it is just another opportunity to learn and grow. There is a common trait between successful people and that is that they know when to risk it and know when to back out but this can mean a multitude of things. As you grow and learn from each achievement and failure, your knowledge within the business realm will grow and you will soon be able to dictate what is worth risking or on the contrary when to bow out.  

Network at Every Opportunity

Last but not least, networking is vital to one’s success. It is crucial for you to take advantage of each person you meet within your profession as well as outside of it. Networking can do wonders. By making yourself known and connecting with other professionals you are opening the door to numerous business opportunities, even if you don’t see the potential right away. We say this often when talking about job fairs, but it holds true with many aspects of life, you never know how or when a connection is going to help you along the way.

While success is not measured with a specific set of standards and comes in many forms, we do know that there are characteristics that can help someone be successful. Traits of successful people may range but we know that being passionate, hard-working, determined, and somewhat of a risk-taker are all great qualities to have. Take a minute to look at who you think is successful and see if they have any of these traits, learn from them, and apply them to your own life to see what happens. We encourage you to strive for what you want, set goals, and follow through with them in order to see success in your life.  



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