5 Signs You Need A New Job!

Like relationships, some jobs aren’t meant to last forever. Many times, employees won’t have insight about the qualities of a specific job and culture until they start their new position …

7 Good Questions To Ask During Your Interview

As a job seeker, you do your best to prepare for questions the hiring manager may ask you. However, YOU have just as much opportunity to ask questions that are …

Turn To Social Media For Job Hunt

As we have sat down and talked with job seekers fighting the fight of unemployment, they share a common process in applying and getting an interview.  Here are a few …

4 Things You Should Do Before You Next Interview

So you are getting ready for that next job interview?  Here are a few things we suggest you do to get ready for the big moment.   A resume is focused …

Interview Questions To Be Prepared For

During our growth phase here at LocalWork.com, we are in the process of interviewing many candidates.  We find there are a few questions we tend to lean on to help …

Sales Jobs, Why To Consider Them

Sales Jobs, Why To Consider Them In a time when finding a job can be so frustrating, and even feel like a full time job, it is important to find …

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