Starting Point: High Performing Company Cultures

Click here to download the synopsis of the High Performing Company Cultures presentation given by Ryan and Eric at Lovitt & Touché: http://www.localwork.com/employer/dashboard   Here are some additional resources for learning …

A Culture of Learning: Why It’s Important to Your Business

According to the Institute for Research in Learning, did you know that over 80% of how employees learn to do their job takes place on the job? Less than 20% actually occurs in …

Is It a Resume or a Job Application?

Every time I volunteer at the LocalWork.com job fair to review resumes, I see or hear something that just makes me shake my head. It’s not that I haven’t heard them …

3 Key Elements To Creating GREAT Company Culture!

You may have heard of company culture and the importance of having a great culture. Whether you think you have an established culture in your company or not, you do. …

Biggest Deflating Part of Job Hunting

During a downturn economy, there is a lot of competition while searching for that perfect career match.  It is a full-time job looking for a job.  It is an uphill …

Recession Proof Careers You Should Look For In Arizona

A career in the health sector can be recession-proof as baby boomers grow older. There were a lot of questions in the healthcare industry  surrounding the Affordable Care Act, but …

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