Seven job search tips for the Mature Worker

Of all the groups affected by the weak job market, perhaps none has experienced more difficulty than the Mature Worker, those age 50 or older. In many cases, Mature Workers …

You Have an Interview…But You Hate Talking About Yourself. You’re Not Alone

It’s a statement I hear almost every time I interview someone.  “I’m sorry, I just don’t like bragging or talking about myself.”  Have you ever said this, or thought it?  …

Starting Point: High Performing Company Cultures

Click here to download the synopsis of the High Performing Company Cultures presentation given by Ryan and Eric at Lovitt & Touché: http://www.localwork.com/employer/dashboard   Here are some additional resources for learning …

A Culture of Learning: Why It’s Important to Your Business

According to the Institute for Research in Learning, did you know that over 80% of how employees learn to do their job takes place on the job? Less than 20% actually occurs in …

Is It a Resume or a Job Application?

Every time I volunteer at the LocalWork.com job fair to review resumes, I see or hear something that just makes me shake my head. It’s not that I haven’t heard them …

3 Key Elements To Creating GREAT Company Culture!

You may have heard of company culture and the importance of having a great culture. Whether you think you have an established culture in your company or not, you do. …

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