Biggest Deflating Part of Job Hunting

During a downturn economy, there is a lot of competition while searching for that perfect career match.  It is a full-time job looking for a job.  It is an uphill …

Recession Proof Careers You Should Look For In Arizona

A career in the health sector can be recession-proof as baby boomers grow older. There were a lot of questions in the healthcare industry  surrounding the Affordable Care Act, but …

5 Lessons from Job Fair Success 101

I know, I know – job fairs aren’t the most fun events to attend, but they can be extremely beneficial to your job search if you know what the heck you’re …

No, There Isn’t a List of Resume Keywords Somewhere

A common question I hear when giving resume presentations is, “Can you tell me where I can find a list of keywords to put on my resume?” Unfortunately, my answer is …

Finding Work Fast Starts With YOU! – Job Search Tips

Day in and day out job seekers all over are asking themselves the following questions: “Why is my job search taking so long?” “Why will no one give me a …

Manage Your Social Media!

According to a 2013 CareerBuilder.com survey, 39% of employers screen a job applicant’s social media sites. Of those, another 43% found something on Facebook, Twitter, etc., to cause them to not hire …

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