Social Media Influencer

Tips to Becoming a Social Media Influencer – While Making Money

With the success of ‘gig economy’ jobs like, Uber, Post Mates and more, it’s reported 40% of jobs will be freelancer gigs by 2020.  Much of the labor shift is …

Unemployed and Looking for Work? You’re Not Alone!

When it comes to being unemployed and looking for a job, there are times when at the end of a day, you are stressed, fatigued from running door to door …

Overcoming Obstacles When Looking For Work

With the economy, life’s stresses and everything else in between- looking for work can be quite a struggle at times. You may put out your resume over and over with …

Keys to Surviving Unemployment: Focus on Confidence

Surviving unemployment is hard, but with a few key tools, people are surviving the day-to-day strains and in the end are still strong and motivated in their searches. These key …

Illegal Questions To Ask During a Job Interview

Did you know there are questions which are illegal to ask during an interview?  Most hiring managers know what is allowed, but you may find yourself in an awkward position …

3 Huge Resume Obstacles and How To Overcome Them

Your resume is what will set the tone for you with most employers.  It is meant to highlight the good and minimize the bad.  Regardless, there are just a few …

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