Details About Overtime Pay You Must Know!

Summer is here. The solstice may have been last week, but it has been hot in the Valley of the Sun for a while. Here is a hot topic – overtime …

3 Basic Interviewing Principles Every Employer Must Know

If you’re reading this article, you’re either a small business owner/manager without a recruiting professional working for you, or you’re a recruiting professional who’s interested in receiving another perspective on …

Stuck at a dead end job? Head over to the job fair!

Do you feel trapped? Working at a dead end job can be scary. Why torture yourself at a job you don’t like? Don’t be trapped! Wiggle your way out of …

Do You Really Need a LinkedIn Profile?

I work with job seekers all the time, and while some (a small minority) are firmly entrenched in LinkedIn and understand the importance of using the site during a job …

A Culture of Learning: Why It’s Important to Your Business

According to the Institute for Research in Learning, did you know that over 80% of how employees learn to do their job takes place on the job? Less than 20% actually occurs in …

5 Lessons from Job Fair Success 101

I know, I know – job fairs aren’t the most fun events to attend, but they can be extremely beneficial to your job search if you know what the heck you’re …

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