Why Accepting a Counter Offer is Usually Not a Good Idea

A counteroffer is an offer extended by your employer in attempt to rival another offer you are considering elsewhere, to convince you to stay with your current company. They usually include things …

8 Pieces of Wisdom From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ passing will have been 5 years ago as of October 5, 2016. Having died at age 56, he didn’t live a particularly long life, yet there was no …

The Value of Introverts In the Workplace

In Western society, introversion is commonly misunderstood and undervalued. Extroverted skills like acting and speaking quickly are highly valued, leaving introverts feeling inferior and less capable. The workplace is largely …

6 Job Strategies for Moms Returning to the Workforce

A number of women quit their jobs to raise their small children and assume they will later return to the workplace as the kids get older. The problem many women …

The 10 Best Cities In California To Attain Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is key to one’s happiness, even for people who love their jobs. Finding the right balance allows you to support yourself and live comfortably while still …

5 Tips to Changing Your Career

Nowadays, staying on one career path for your whole life is a rarity. It’s difficult to know what you want to do when you’re 18 and starting your college degree, …

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