The Value of Introverts In the Workplace

In Western society, introversion is commonly misunderstood and undervalued. Extroverted skills like acting and speaking quickly are highly valued, leaving introverts feeling inferior and less capable. The workplace is largely …

8 Tips to Highly Effective Meetings

Whether you are in charge or simply attending, you can improve the effectiveness of your meetings and you can do it quickly.  Avoid attendees dozing off, getting way off topic, …

How to Ask For a Raise or Promotion

Asking for a raise can definitely be an intimidating task.  However, if you have excelled in your job and given 110%, don’t shrink back in fear.  Have courage, be confident …

7 Steps To A Classy Resignation

  Guest post by Paige Soucie of www.paigesoucie.com. Resigning from a job is like going through a breakup. Just like with romantic parting-of-ways, professional transitions can get messy and emotional. …

5 Key Job Search Tips for Soon-to-Be College Grads

Are you close to college graduation? How can you put together a resume that will impress an employer and help you land your first post-college job? Use these job search …

3 Types of jobs in which Experience and Skills Trump Degrees

Though obtaining a secondary education is certainly expected within most industries, formal education will not always trump firsthand experience. While every college graduate has to invest time working their way …

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