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Communication….Can You Remember?

Have you ever wondered about the people in the booth next to you at the café who are all talking but not to each other? Have you panicked when you forgot your cell phone at home?  Have you noticed that your teenager is glued to his smart phone, even when you are trying to have a conversation with him?
We are supposed to be better connected to each other now than at any time in history. However, I believe we are starving for better communication. As some 93% of the message is through non-verbal means, nothing beats face-to-face communication. And, as illustrated by the con...

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Job Tips

So you've got an interview and you are not sure how to get prepared. Keep calm! We have you covered. Practice makes perfect. You can never get too prepared for an interview. Some companies may take 10 min to do your interview some may take 4 hours. Our number one tip is to be calm and as natural as possible. In the mean time, we have a few tips, which will help get you ready for the big moment.

There are 3 main areas we recommend you focus on to help land that Phoenix job: 1- Good questions to ask the interviewer 2- Dress for success 3- Smile, smile and smile a little more.

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Resume Tips

Before all else, proofread. Actually, this should happen after everything else, but you get the idea. You might say, "But errors are human. No one can be expected to be 100% perfect with everything they write." This might be true, but grammatical errors in your resume will still get a judgment from the potential interviewer. It's not so much that having a perfectly grammatical resume will get you the job as much as typos might prevent it.

Even if the position you're seeking requires no ability to compose a sentence properly, your ability to do so in a resume demonstrates care and attention to detail, qualities that are valued by most employers. Make sure your resume has zero errors.

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Interview Tips

  • Relax: When your body is tense and you can't relax, everyone knows it. A good interviewer will know how to bring you back to realism and calm you down, but most of us aren't that lucky. You need to find ways to relax. Before you get out of your car, listen to your favorite song. Sing along, shrug your shoulders and let it out. If you are tense when you walk in the door, there is a good chance you won't have good communication.
  • They Invited You: Self confidence is very important. If you doubt yourself on even getting the job before you walk in the door, then you probably don't deserve it. Remember you were invited to interview with them. They must have liked something on your resume that got them interested.
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